Have you Heard How to Reduce or Reverse Pre-Diabetes and Type 2 Diabetes Symptoms?


Maybe word will spread more because of a recent study. Most people have heard about the ketogenic diet for weight loss but many have not heard about using the keto diet for reversing their diabetes symptoms and possibly more than just pre-diabetes symptoms and type 2 diabetes symptoms.

Those who have heard of the ketogenic diet have probably heard that it’s too hard to follow or even considered extreme because it relies on eating whole foods.

 In the study published in Diabetes Therapy, February 2018, found participants who tried the keto diet were able to lose weight, lower their blood sugar levels, and reduce their medication. This is opposed to those that were following the traditional diabetes diet recommended by the American Diabetes Association (ADA).

Another amazing result is that the participants following the ketogenic diet plan saw results in as little as 10 weeks! Not only that, they were able to maintain these results after 12 months had passed.

How was the...

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Automatically Post Without using a Scheduler

 Wait! What? You can have all your Facebook posts automatically post to Twitter!?!

Why didn't anyone tell me this years ago!

I found this out by accident and I'm so glad I did.

When you are getting started it’s hard to not just post to all your social site but remember to keep them up-to-date. Who knew there are sites, besides scheduling sites that will automatically post your social media post from one account to another!

This isn’t anything new, but it was something that has never been suggested to me so I wanted to share.

So I’m going to share with you how you can connect your Facebook account to Twitter or your Twitter account to Facebook and automatically post between these accounts! No scheduling/posting programs or software needed!

Did I mention I am more of a Facebook fan than Twitter fan so this was a great find for me to be able to engage with my Twitter followers more often? This will also work if you are more of a Twitter fan and want to engage...

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Fighting Hunger Cravings with Fat Bombs

Tired of feeling hungry? Having terrible cravings on your diet?

To help aid I my weight loss and keep my hunger cravings under control I get asked what do I eat.

I love the expression on people’s faces when they see me eating a pudding/ice-cream looking mixture and ask to know what I’m eating because they know I am into health, nutrition, and fitness. When my response is, ‘This is my fat bomb. It keeps me from getting overly hungry and keeps me from craving sweets.” The looks on their faces because they don’t associate the word ‘fat’ with weight loss.

I found the more research I did the more important it was for me not to reduce my fat intake but to increase my fat intake. This was a major factor in my weight loss. (I was able to lose 30 lbs in 2017 without exercising.) You can find out more about the good the bad and the ugly on fats and types of fats I’ve discussed earlier when discussing macronutrients. 

I get asked about my...

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Types of Fasting and Tips to help you when Fasting


Benefits include mental focus, energy, cleaning out toxins and more time, just to name a few.

There are 3 main types of fasting, they are: 16 hour Fast, Alternate day Fast, and 3-Day Fast. Also, please keep in mind during these fasting periods you can drink water, coffee, and tea.

I have seen and heard people talk about 10 or even 20 different types of fasting, but I believe they really all fall into these categories. So, let’s talk about them in more detail and I will also share some of my tips on how to prepare to fast.

16 hour Fast

During this type of fast, you only eat during an 8-hour period. What I suggest when starting this type of fast is delaying the time you have breakfast and/or eating dinner earlier each day until you are eating within an 8-hour window of time. A few of the most popular eating windows are 10am-6pm or 12pm-8pm so you are still able to go out with friends in the evening for supper and not ruin your routine. Some of the variations I’ve...

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Is a MLM Right For You?

Well, building a network is hard work in any business, yet it is not easy at all. It takes a lot of time, money and perseverance, so if you think you will use network marketing to get rich in a week, I think you should change that mindset right away.

Some people call MLMs a Pyramid scheme or scam because these schemes were popular in the 1970’s. Also, pyramid schemes are illegal and don’t offer any products or services!

Some invest time and money, then don’t make money so they call it a scheme because it didn’t work for them.

So what is MLM?

MLM’s must sell a product or service.

The Representative selling or promoting the product gets paid for the sales of their customers.

Same as a sales rep at a mall, cell phone store, or car salesman --- They sell items for their brand or service and earn a commission. 

In its core MLM is a nice business model that lets you make the transition into a business owner a lot easier as well as a lot cheaper. With...

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Declutter Your Phone and be More Productive

Have you experienced looking at your phone and see all those downloaded applications?

Or scroll through all those pages you have just to look for the application you are looking for?

In short, you have a disorganize phone.


Don’t you think it’s time to clean it up?


Yes, declutter your phone and increase your productivity.

And why it is important?


Because it helps you with your communication first and foremost.

Helps you with to do list or scheduled task.

You can be more productive and organized, therefore, less stressed.


It is pretty obvious that with the fast pace of technology, we cannot go around without our phone.

But is it helping us?


That is why we have our phone beside us all the time.

But it should aid us in our daily routine, especially if we are in business, from text messaging to calls,

Blogs, on social media, and updating our followers.


Our phone becomes an integral part of our business that we cannot go without.


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To Do List and Household Chores

Tired of coming home and seeing all the clutter and chores to do? Or even at the house but seeing the house messy and chores to be done.

Any parent can understand that doing the chore and dividing it by family member is important.

We involve ourselves and we involve our kids. My kids helped us out. Yes, they do. Like any parent, we assign them chores. And we break down the chores and work as a team.

We make the chores fun. How?

How do we get the kids to participate in helping with the chores? Easy.

We get them involve, give them a to do list for the chores and we pay them a commission. Getting paid by a minimal amount helps them to know how to value money.

Also, we break down the chores for them. Some are done on daily basis or weekly basis for the kids. And the weekly, monthly, and seasonal things are left to my husband and me.


In assigning the chores to the kids start by assigning simple tasks. Preferable daily task. As parents, our goal is to raise a responsible...

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Upgrade your Focus and Get Stuff Done!

 I want to share some tips to help you stay focused and get those things done that you need to get done. 

1 – Schedule your Day

Try to schedule your day into 15 or 30-minute time slots. This means scheduling a time of day (or 2) to check your emails, make phone calls, return phone calls, check social media, review goals, set goals, make a to-do list etc.

This will help you stay on task and waste less time. Set a timer on your phone to help you stay on track. 

Know that things will pop up and life will happen. You will have to be flexible. Also, the longer you track your time the fewer adjustments you will have to make.

2 – Make a To-Do List

Download an app to have it available to you at all times. Check things off your list, check your list when you get done with a project early.

I love using a free app called Seize the Day. I like that you only need to see your daily list first and then can move onto the other items that are on your list once your...

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My Gut Health Research Journey and why I was Researching

Well my journey started around 2011, when my oldest daughter was 3. She was constantly constipated or couldn’t make it to the bathroom and had accidents and I couldn’t figure out why.

There was no such information about Leaky Gut at that time that I found.

We didn’t have any sudden changes in our diet or what we were eating. What was causing this? I had no idea.

I discussed my concerns with our doctor, and another doctor in the office and was told she probably developed a food allergy. So, I asked if they could run a test. They told me its best to start with 1 type of food at a time and eliminate the foods to see if things got better. Not the response I wanted, but I appreciated the fact they didn’t immediately want to start running test.

They told me to start by eliminating dairy and/or gluten. I wanted a jump start so I eliminated both. It helped alleviate her issues for a little bit but it didn’t solve the problem. (Bowel movements were still...

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Making your Homeschool Experience Fit to You and Your Family

Those of you getting ready to start your homeschool journeys this year CONGRATULATIONS!

I hope this topic will give you encouragement for the upcoming year.

For those, if you that have been homeschooling and gearing up for the upcoming year I hope this topic will help you as well.

Have you ever thought – “I don’t want to EVER do that again!” after finishing a curriculum or plan?

·      Sometimes we need a Homeschool Makeover! 

Make your Homeschool reflect your family. 

How do you do that? Ask yourself these questions:

·      Who are you?

·      What are your family values?

·      What are you trying to accomplish this year? (Just take it one year at a time, it’s a Journey.)

Taylor your day and year to your answers. That’s how you make your homeschool FIT your family.

We all need the encouragement and support.


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